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Zoho Support Becomes Zoho Desk

– The Ultimate Customer Support Application

Zoho announces the release of Zoho Desk

Today, Zoho announces the release of Zoho Desk – the first customer support software taking into account the context of your business, ie the problems of your customers in their activities and taking into account your previous interactions.

A bit of history about Zoho

Nearly twenty years ago, Zoho was a company that designed software for modems and routers. Their clients were network engineers with deep technical knowledge who seldom contacted them for customer support. They were probably better at solving the problems than Zoho’s own staff, or at least that’s what they thought.

In 2004, Zoho started to develop enterprise software in the cloud. They have gone from productivity software such as spreadsheets, emails and word processing tools to enterprise software like CRM , marketing and finance, which cover a wide range of processes.

These changes completely changed their business. Now, their customers are common users who, like you, use Zoho tools for a better result. Whether in terms of marketing, sales, human resources, or finance. Many need help at every stage of their engagement, from testing the product to installing and using it. Customer support teams have had to completely review their processes.

Internal evolution

With 4,500 employees and more than 20 million users across the globe, customer support is now one of the elements that keeps the business together. Zoho has decided to put at your service its own experience with its customers to drive the evolution of Zoho Desk, the customer support software that is also available today.

One of the greatest lessons that Zoho has learned from its customer service is the need to provide contextual information to every customer interaction. This means that the history of the clients, their activities or their previous problems must be known to the person who will solve the problem in the most optimal way possible.

Some numbers !

According to Forrester, 42 percent of service agents are unable to resolve customer issues due to disconnected systems and multiple applications that contain irrelevant customer data . Clients report that in 50% of cases, service agents do not answer their questions correctly. It’s not just about training. Missing information in solving the customer’s problem is often a defect. That’s exactly what Zoho Desk is putting forward.

Discover how Zoho Desk can help you

Context “Answers”

Work mode:

You can clean vouchers based on criteria such as due date, status, or customer type. Now your team will know which tickets to process immediately, and which ones can be processed later.

work mode

Unified Replication Corrector:

Managers respond better when they have contextually relevant information about their customers. That’s why Zoho CRM’s information about your customers will be reflected in your tickets in Zoho Desk. The tool will even suggest various possible solutions to solve the problems of your customers.

answer editor

Context “Collaboration”


This feature is valuable and can save you when you need a little help.zoho sites Use “@mentions” to identify another colleague in your conversation, or to deliver the ticket to another person. Managers can track specific tickets as well as customers who require special intervention. Collaborative work can also lead to actions on other products such as zoho sites CRM or Zoho Projects, where accounts receivable or projects can be managed.


Background “Decisions”

zoho sites Desk allows the customer service manager to monitor trends without detaching themselves from details. He can check customer satisfaction but still consider the reason for the negative feedback and that from one place. If an agent is offline, managers can reassign tickets to other agents to resolve issues.

Zoho Desk

Time-based reports:

They help managers track how long it takes to respond to each ticket, how long it takes to solve a problem, and how to filter the reports by date, channel, and agent. With this, managers can see where and why their customer service may be experiencing problems.

zoho sites desk report on time

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