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Create And Host Your Blog With WordPress

If you make the choice of free hosting , two solutions are available to you. The first, simplest and most widespread, is to use the web hosting included in your Internet subscription . It is free and is often offered without advertising and easily accessible. For the example we make the choice of Free provider who, despite a hotline not the most competent on the subject, offers a reputed and complete hosting in its basic offer.

If your ISP does not offer suitable accommodation, then you need to find free hostingThis is not an easy task, especially if you do not want to see your blog infested with ads.

Choose a paid hosting (optional)

If paying a few euros for your blog does not deter you, know that there are many affordable accommodation offers for quality service. To resume the example of OVH , one of the most popular hosts for WordPress, the prices start from 1.99 € HT per month with the offer Perso , for a very complete service (25 GB of space disk, unlimited traffic 10 e-mail accounts and a database essential for the installation of wordpress hosting  An alternative is to use 1 & 1 : this host delivers a space to € 1.99 per month, and the first 6 months are free. For this price, we have a storage of 10 GB, a database, 10 email accounts and especially … a domain name .

At Online.fr , the BASIC solution at € 0.99 per month offers something to do, but will be limited if you want to go further: 1 GB of disk space, 3 e-mail accounts, traffic unlimited and 100 MB database). Concerning us, we will make the choice of the offer Perso at OVH , which will allow us any latitude to evolve the blog, but it is up to you to choose another host.

WordPress or DotClear?

There are a number of technical blogging platforms to install on your hosting. To put it simply, it ‘s sort ofthe software(actually, web pages) that will allow you toadministerandpostyour blog on the Web. Once you have made your choice, simply install it at your host for your blog is usable.

Two platformsare widely used:DotClearandWordPress. Both are very flexible to use and have a large Francophone community to help you in case of trouble. That said, theWordPresscommunityis still much more active, and you will have much easier to help you by choosing it. The proposed features, and especially the available extensions make it a relatively unavoidable choice . We advise you so very strongly and it will be the one we will remember for the “Tom’s Blog”.


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