What Color Of Suits 4 Men to Wear? When And How?

Work, party, meeting, wedding … Black, blue, gray

Brown, etc. What are the 2017 men’s fashion?


What colors are fashionable suits 4 menand what?

Colors are suitable for which occasions?

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The navy blue suits 4 men stand out as the big fashion trend,

But some might be tempted by a black suit. Attention,

Related to the night and the rock, this one is to ban

Absolutely in the work.

I tell you everything about the 6-point men’s suit with

The lighting of 2 fashion experts.

Trendy suits 4 men 2017

Can I wear a black suits 4 men?

“In the early 2000s, under the inÛuence of Hedi Slimane for Dior, the black suit is the essential

Dressing man. Everyone must absolutely have one. It tells the elegance, the sobriety, explains

Geraud Lamazere, artistic director of the custom-made costume design house Faubourg Saint

Sulpice . Whereas today, we have to wear it very little. What was the black suit at the time is what

Today the navy blue. Black, on the other hand, regains importance in fashion, outside the costume

We see a lot of total black looks. But contrary to what we think, this color does not go to everyon

Terms of complexion, it is not what is best when you have very clear skin

Who can wear a black suits 4 men?

“The black suit is something of an undertaker or rocker, in the broadest sense,” says Thomas

Zylberman , stylist in the Carlin style group oÜce . “You wear a black suit if you go to a funeral or

You are call The Beatles, The Hives, Jim Jarmusch or Hedi Slimane. It’s a rock aesthetic. Today at

Work, wearing a black suit does not happen. Even a black tie is badly perceived, it’s not corpora

This color is related to a universe that is not that of work. Moreover, Hedi Slimane at Dior Homme

At Saint Laurent has never been positioned on corporate men’s fashion. ”

When can I wear a black suits 4 men?

“In my opinion, very rarely, explains Geraud Lamazere. It should not be worn in a professional

Context, neither at work nor for a job interview. You should not wear black at a wedding either

What do we have left? He must remain exclusively an evening costume.

How to wear it?

“It can be worn in the evening in a classic way: jacket + pants, but in my opinion he must do” even

“, continues Geraud. It can be a reinterpreted smoking. Because the diÜculty of wearing a black s

In the evening is that it is a very basic clothing. It means a lack of imagination. I think it must be a

Beautiful piece worked with the codes of the evening: covered buttons, a shawl collar that may n

Be covered with satin, something that will give him an extra personality. In the same way, it is

Necessary that the accessories are well chosen: shoes with a frosting, a watch with a leather strap

Varnished or in crocodile. And ideally that it be cut to measure,

It can also be worn in a “fashion week” spirit, but it is only valid during the fashion week: a very hy

Look with a twist like a black cap, a pair of sneakers from a sharp brand. I think we must go to the

End of the process, do not wear it with color but with a white shirt. To not look like a waiter, you ha

To take great care of the whole so that there is no possible doubt. If you want to put the color, it m

Appear by little touch: a pocket, a bow tie a little extravagant for a real dandy touch, if you want to

It. But I would not wear a tie of color, even Úne

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