Launch of a New Call for Projects “Rural Habitat”- Rural Housing Loan Program

Many city centers are now facing devitalization due to lack of housing. This is reflected in high rates of vacant housing, the closure of many businesses, the aging of residents and the impoverishment of services to the public.

In rural areas, these problems are often magnified with a lack of engineering and financial resources to meet identified needs. Improving housing conditions can be a precursor to a new dynamic.

Indeed, creating a new housing offer encourages new households to settle in the town centers and maintains a supply of services and jobs. It is also to allow the current inhabitants to stay.

In order to provide solutions in this area, the Department of the North is committed to the habitat of USDA approved homes proposes a call for projects concerning the transformation of the use of unused professional buildings into housing.

Follow online the processing of your request for housing assistance

Have you applied for housing assistance online or by paper form?

The service Follow-up of my requests of services allows you to know at all times where is your file. Go to the “Family, Housing” section of My private area.

Go to My private area

o apply for accommodation, you must go to Mairie, cabinet of Mr. Mayor to remove a single file, valid for all donors present on the town (except Houses and Cities, where you need remove it directly from the lessor).


Download the single application form

– Complete the file

– Attach the requested documents Deposit it

– in the town hall at the Mayor’s office

Why is it important to file your file in town hall?

The Housing Department’s role is to centralize housing requests in the city and works in partnership with the various donors.

It is also at your disposal to answer all your questions:

What are the limits of resources? What housing assistance can we get?

The allocations of rural housing service are made during commissions organized by the lessors.

The Housing Department participates in the Housing Committees in an advisory capacity.

Admittedly, the city has only power of proposal however it of course possible to focus, to argue on urgent and priority requests, on the situation of the family … because the files are well known to the services.

The lessor remains the sole decision-maker of the allocation of rural housing service.

Remember to renew your request every year

Think to inform us of your changes in situation (children, address, income …)

For any additional information, you can contact the Housing Department, Pascale VISEUR on 03 21 69 92 92 or 08000 62680, free call from a fixed line

Contact rural housing service and Cities to directly remove a folder Masons et Cites

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