The most beautiful flowers in the world

Flowers – the most beautiful and easiest way to convey your emotions and feelings. Many will agree with this. Fragrant and beautiful – they are able to cheer up literally everyone, even if they give a bouquet to a man. Flowers can cause a feeling of happiness, relieve stress, even reduce pain and help cope with anger.

Such an unusual remedy is especially effective if the most beautiful flowers in the world are used. And here are the best drugs:


This plant got its unusual name due to the Greek words bio and dendro – which translates as life and tree. But in fact, the dendrobium translates into Russian as “living in a tree.” By the way, all kinds of one of the most beautiful flowers in the world belong to the orchid family and flowers by post

Consequently, are on guard. And this is in accordance with the international convention on the prohibition of trade in wild plants and animals. Therefore, now in the world, and in Russia in particular, the dendrobium can be found only in decorative gardens. However, many gardeners plant it at home in ordinary pots.


This flower is an evergreen shrub. And it is widely distributed in Venezuela and Colombia. You can find lanthanum in some other countries of South and Central America. Surprisingly, despite the unusual beauty of the plant, many consider it to be a common weed.

By the way, the plant grows almost the height of a man, about one and a half meters. Lanthanum leaves contain essential oils. And the flowers themselves – are numerous and collected in inflorescences. They can be yellow, white, red, purple, orange and other colors. The color depends on the degree of ripening of lanthanum.


Hyacinth received its beautiful name in memory of a Greek youth named Hyacinth. He was the beloved of the famous god Apollo (by the way, such feelings among the ancient Greeks were in the order of things and were not considered anything abnormal).

At the same time, the other god was not indifferent to the handsome man – the god of the wind Zephyr. Hyacinth was cold to him, so Zephyr was angry at him and at one point sent a beloved drive that Apollo launched into his head. From the blood of Hyacinth suddenly grew a flower of unimaginable beauty. And this happened thanks to Apollo.

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