The Bank Requires To Repay The Loan

Bank Tinkoff demands to repay the repaid credit on the card, there was a court, the decision was canceled, threw out all the documents, filed again, what to do?

Good day, dear visitor! Of course, you need to prove the lack of debt, but they may not give you information, try through the Central Bank. Good luck with your question.

Hello. And in this case, you need to demand to terminate the proceedings in this case. It is necessary to refer to the fact that the claim on this subject and these grounds has already been the subject of consideration in court. It is advisable to provide the court with a decision from the previous review

Hello, Natalia. Prepare motivated objections to the claims filed by the bank and submit them to the court hearing.

Bank Tinkoff demands to repay a loan through court, more than a year has passed, I threw out all the documents, what should I do?

Good day, dear visitor! Of course, only try to prove the fact of payment in court, but without documents it is false to do. Write a complaint to the Central Bank – let them do the test Good luck with your question and see more.

Good day. Well, the fact that all the documents you threw out, do not worry, request a copy in the bank. In court, declare that the debt has been repaid, report the approximate repayment time, take an extract from the payment agent through which you paid the loan and provide it at the bank.

Good day to you. Of course, only trying to prove the fact of payment in court will have to. I wish you good luck in solving your question and all the best.

In 2008, he took out a loan to pay it off and now the bank claims that I have debts and demands payment.

Hello! If more than three years have passed since the date of the last payment, there is a certificate of closing the loan, do not pay anything. Send to the court, in court declare the passage of the limitation period. Art.196 of the Civil Code.

Hello! Do not pay anything. If they believe that they should, then let them sue for recovery of debt. In court, file a petition to skip the limitation period.

Even if something and did not pay, then the statute of limitations for the recovery has long been all gone, so do not pay anything, ignore the bank.

Not fully repaid the loan, it took 8 years to demand that the bank pay off.

— Hello, send them to the court, and ask the court to refuse the claims due to the omission of the statute of limitations. Good luck and all the best, with respect, lawyer Ligostaeva A.V.: sm_ax:

Hello! Pay nothing. Send the bank to the court. In the bank, file a petition to skip the limitation period and then the judge will refuse to satisfy the claims.

Edward, good evening! The limitation period is 3 years from the time of your last payment on a loan, respectively, if this period has passed, send the Bank to the court and in court declare the expiration of the limitation period. Best wishes to you!

Hello! If more than three years have passed since the last payment, the statute of limitations has been missed. You cannot pay. If they file a lawsuit, state in court that the limitation period was missed.

He acted as a guarantor for the crisis, the borrower died, the bank required to repay the loan. My actions? Thank.

Good day time you need to study your loan agreement, but I will say right away that by law the heirs who have accepted the inheritance also inherit its debts so that you can pay nothing yet. Let them appeal to the court to file an application for the heir to be brought to court.

By the death of the borrower the defamation does not cease. You can pay and collect the debt from the heirs of the borrower in court.

Hello. You will have to repay the loan and then sue the heirs of the person for whom you have been charged.

Good time of day. First you need to carefully read the terms of the loan agreement and the guarantee. If the responsibility of the main borrower was not insured and death is not an insured event, then you will have to pay you.

He repaid the loan, took the repayment certificate, the bank transferred the case to another company, now they are demanding to pay the n-amount, transferred before repayment. What to do?

Hello. 1. Under a loan agreement, a bank or other credit organization (lender) undertakes to provide money (credit) to the borrower in the amount and on the conditions stipulated by the agreement, and the borrower undertakes to return the received money and pay interest on it. 2. The rules provided for in paragraph 1 of this chapter apply to relations under a credit agreement, unless otherwise provided by the rules of this paragraph and follows from the essence of the credit agreement. Yes, according to art. 408 of the Civil Code required a receipt. Did you check the calculations?

If there is a certificate of the bank about the absence of debt, do not pay anything to anyone. Let them go to court and prove their rights to receive a loan from you.

If you have already repaid the loan, you took the repayment certificate, the bank transferred the case to another company, and now they are demanding to pay the n-amount, you should not pay them anything

Do not take seriously, this is a scam that unfortunately is the place to be. A citizen does not owe anything to anyone until the opposite is proved in court. Sincerely, Lawyer – Stepanov Vadim Igorevich.

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