Light On SEO: For Profitable SEO  there is Essentially a Search Engine

where you should reference and position your website. While all sources of targeted traffic must be exploited, however,  more than 90% of the search market in France is won by Google , a quasi-monopolistic situation clearly highlighting the reasons to focus the priorities of SEO

online marketing Houston is not only positioning your site in organic search results pages, but making your visibility profitable by encouraging the click on all the properties and services provided by the US giant. Really increase its visibility on Google necessarily requires a better vertical referencing on Google .

Depending on your offer and your objectives, the opportunities are on Google Search of course ,

, we develop a strategy for you to improve the positioning of your site on all the results proposed by Google and including the results of the universal search .

Through our services we propose to lay the foundations of site optimization for search engines, and to define an on-site strategy aimed at facilitating the accessibility of your content for both the user and the user. for the search engine.

Editorial Strategy and SEO Copywriting

Perfectly mastering the techniques of online marketing Houston Copywriting , we also support you (if necessary) in setting up an editorial strategy adapted to your audience or your target and your positioning objectives. To do this, we have extensive experience in targeting strategic keywords and writing relevant content by covering not only your main keywords, but also all of a corpus and  significant lexical fields of your theme .

The quality of a Google SEO is also a story of marketing, we attach great importance to writing content really able to spark the action you expect from your visitors.

Optimizing Netlinking

Another fundamental aspect of SEO on search engines is the construction of inbound and outbound links , more commonly known as  netlinking . These links, their origin, their destination, the context in which they appear, their form (images, anchors, labels) are essential elements to improve the ranking of its site in Google. In order to make your site benefit from this decisive positioning factor, we offer you a very high level and relevance-oriented netlinking service . Therefore the definition and management of a netlinking strategy are also essential points on which we are able to bring you our expertise

SEO: The biggest French survey ever!

  • Marco Pini: Webmarketing consultant
  • Koris: Web Agency Firenze
  • Search Datalogy: SEO & Data
  • Dropshipping Training
  • Aymen Loukil: International SEO Consultant
  • SEO Rennes
  • 1serp: SEO Consultant Paris and Val d’Oise
  • Ebladi Agency: SEO Morocco
  • Laurent Bourrelly
  • Mickael Chalet: SEO Consultant in Lyon
  • Samuel Hounkpe, SEO Expert
  • SEO Agency

Referenceo: SEO website e-commerce.

Want to know how to approach the SEO of your site on Google? How can we adapt our services and SEO services to the objectives

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SEO is a form of pull marketing. People search engines to find answers to their questions. If your site matches their search, they may be your next customers.

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