Weight Loss and Eat Well: 10 Diet Tips

The goal of the Rapid Tone Diet is not so much to melt in no time, but rather to find an ideal weight to feel good about yourself , without hurting your health. Our ten nutrition tips for 100% guaranteed results. By Aurélia Scheyé

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Weight Loss and Eat Well: 10 Rapid Tone Diet Tips

The priorities

Fruits and vegetables, our allies

Apart from the potatoes to put aside, we can consume them raw or cooked , without forgetting to season them well to give them taste. The advantage: we are allowed to eat at will.

Always a protein intake

We do not forget to accompany our vegetables with a dose of protein found in eggs, white meat, fish and soy , one of the best protein intake and a very good health food.

A “special” breakfast

We favor fruits, low-sugar cereals, soy milk, green tea and whey protein powder (whey).

Yes to virgin olive oil

Preferably from organic farming, it is used in our salads or in the kitchen in general but without frying .

Everyday physical activity

It is often said, but whatever it is and even soft, physical activity is always beneficial. You do not have to get into the sport, but you just take the stairs and walk and bike.

Good nights of sleep

We try to get as much restorative nights of at least eight hours as possible. We also try to maintain a regular bedtime schedule.

  • Our advice to be happy in his sneakers.
  • To avoid
  • Skip a meal
  • In other words, we keep the regular pace of three meals a day.
  • Quick sugars

Bread, potatoes, rice, sugar and pastries are to be prescribed. On the other hand, nothing prevents us from adding some pasta in our vegetables.

Beware of salt

We avoid systematically adding salt in our dishes. To give them taste, we take advantage of the many varieties of herbs and aromatics.

  • No to greasy meats
  • We replace the sausage and butter with a yoghurt or a little light cream cheese every day.
  • Count calories

It is not necessary to calculate the kilocalories swallowed. Rather, we follow our common sense by relying on the good quality of the food consumed and their quantity.

These tips are to follow as long as necessary to reach our ideal weight. Then we continue to adopt a healthy Rapid Tone Diet and less strict, focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables and organic.

According to the tips of Strategy slimming Chantal and Yves Ponroy Editions Jouvence.

Our advice to be happy in his sneakers.

Keep track of your progress . In addition to exercise, the second key to success is monitoring. Keep track of what you eat, weigh yourself and measure your waist at least once a week. Set yourself a weight not to be exceeded. If you go over it, lower your calories or strengthen your discipline and / or exercise. Correct the shot as fast as possible Rapid Tone Diet

Put yourself on the right track following a strict plan for at least a few weeks. This can give you fast results that will boost your motivation Rapid Tone Diet After this short period, move to a more flexible but also more sustainable program.

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