Patriot Power Greens – What are the benefits of Patriot Power Greens?

Patriot Power Greens is an all-natural powerful drink developed by Patriot Health Alliance. Dr. Lane Sebring M.D., is a private-practice doctor in Texas and board member for American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine whilst also an Air Force Veteran. He is the real brains behind this green drink formula.

Dr. Sebring is renowned for his holistic approach to anti-aging solutions. It is through this much experience and reputation that he decided to formulate a dietary drink supplement for older citizens to combat the common factors of old age.

Patriot Power Greens contains 38 organic fruits and vegetables, 10 probiotic strains and 6 digestive enzymes, all blended in the form a nutrient-rich drink to help in neutralizing all the age-related inflammation and pain in the body.

While the ingredients are powerful and natural, the taste is surprisingly pleasant due to the inclusion of natural sweeteners such as juice of goji berry, acai berry and apple. Many users claim the formula helped to transform their dull life full of pains into energetically refreshing one.

Patriotic Power Greens offers 15 calories in each serving, and does not include any added sugar or artificial sweeteners. The formula has no allergens like soya, dairy and gluten, and is GMP Certified, which makes it completely risk-free as well as potentially effective.

Who is Patriotic Power Greens for?

Patriot Power Greens was initially formulated as life-enhancing drink for older veterans in U.S. Military. And it worked excellently on those people, with many experiencing energy boost and no more joint or muscle pain as well as increased strength.

Dr. Sebring conducted trials on a group of men and women over 50 years of age, and was astounded by the outcome. The formula worked like magic on the group as well. And most importantly, the studies had revealed additional unanticipated benefits that literally transformed the life of his patients.

This product is designed by Patriot Health Alliance for all women and men who feel like hostage to crippling ailments of old age, be it a mild back ache, crushing knee pain, fatty belly, high cholesterol or subtle cognitive decline, Patriot Power Greens offers a reprieve and restores youthful vigor into one’s life.

How does Patriot Power Greens work?

Patriot Power Greens is designed to target and combat inflammation that is considered the root cause of all the problems that affect old age.

Dr. Sebring wanted to formulate the supplement into a drink and not capsules because drinks tend to have better absorption rate in the body. He found out that the incapacitating inflammation can be gamely fought in a natural way by eliminating inflammation and build-up of acid in the body.

The key is to use precise measure of fruits and vegetables to utilize their natural alkaline, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory features to treat the condition. It can be challenging, expensive and time-consuming to select and prepare dozens of fruits and veggies into a tasteful meal of the combination.

This supplement not only combines these valuable fruits and vegetables but also adds 10 probiotics and digestive enzymes in order to enhance the performance of the drink.

This berry flavored drink offers a superior quality energizing and anti-aging formula, and exceeds expectations as the effects become apparent in a few days.

What are the benefits of Patriot Power Greens?

Patriot Power Greens offers multiple benefits to the aged population through its unique and all-natural ingredients.

Firstly, the users experience improved digestive health and higher nutrient absorption rate, and this further boosts energy. The bowel movement becomes regular without any pain i.e. no diarrhea or constipation. It lessens heart burn and upset tummy and supports a healthy, functional digestive system.

Secondly, it controls blood pressure by managing healthy cholesterol levels. Patriot Power Greens does this by reducing LDL levels in blood, which is the bad cholesterol. Good cholesterol allows healthy blood circulation in the body that energizes and relaxes muscles.

There are also skin benefits like healthy glowing skin and reduced wrinkles. This is achieved by the green leaf vegetable content inside the drink. Kale is crucial in revitalizing skin condition and health. Beet juice, carrot, broccoli all are included in measured ratios to provide optimal benefits too. All these fruits are rich in vitamins and vital antioxidants.

Another amazing feature of this supplement is its ability to fight oxidative stress and enhance dopamine effect that leads to a sharpened mind, better focus, improved attention and a psychological calmness that comes from physical and mental stability.

Patriot Power Greens is a revolutionary drink for the middle-aged generation that helps to fight against inflammation in the body by means of 100% natural, potent and risk-free ingredients. The product is priced reasonably and even offers 200% money back guarantee.

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