Adult, can we learn music?

But first and foremost, all artistic activity must be a pleasure, and that’s especially true when one is in adulthood. Why make music except to discover, practice and love this art? Certainly, when one is a child, motivations and intentions can come from adults (often this is the case for that matter). But as an adult, this learning can only be a personal desire and envy.

Adults have the will to learn

When an adult decides to learn music, he is aware of his choice. It means that he really has the will to start the adventure. This is important when learning this fairly complex art, which requires perseverance and a lot of passion. That’s why so many children end up giving up. They did not really choose to take singing or instrumental lessons. This is a choice imposed by their parents.

Adults are more motivated

An adult also knows his taste for music. Thus, he can choose easily and freely the discipline that fascinates him as well as his music school. This can only optimize his motivation. However, it is a necessary quality, even essential, to succeed. In addition, an adult can express his real expectations. Thus, instead of being a student subject to his master, he puts himself in the place of an apprentice who wants to exchange and share knowledge with the music teacher. Learning will be done with less constraint.

The ability to learn has no age

Does an adult still have the intellectual capacity to assimilate new knowledge? This is the question that people ask frequently and that they mistakenly think of having the answer. American studies in neuroscience have shown that musical learning can begin at any age. It turns out that the human brain is able to receive and tame new information even after 60 years. Thus, a motivated adult who shows great patience and perseverance will have no difficulty learning music. It should not be denied, however, that a child literally absorbs what one teaches him, an adult can be slowed by his personal experience (failures or successes), his doubts …

The possibility of having access to age-appropriate education

An adult and a child do not have the same vision of things. For the little ones, taking music lessons is a banal activity. They start there without asking any questions and without thinking about the obstacles they might encounter. On the other hand, adults know in advance that work is going to be particularly difficult. They are aware of the efforts to be made and the time to devote to the study. That is why they need a rather special teaching technique.

Currently, it is quite possible to find training that meets their needs. We can even learn the music without mastering the music theory. Many teachers offer this kind of method. This can only interest people who do not have much patience in learning music theory.

However, learning music theory can also be an asset because the adult may have more facilities than a child to understand the rules and it will allow him to move forward because an adult needs concrete, solidity, a pedestal and music theory is one of them. There are more questions as an adult. Everything will depend on the motivation, its desire, and its objectives a little like an adult decides to play sports: how often, with what desire, its motivations and objectives.

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A wide choice of adult education

It was a time when to learn an artistic discipline, it was necessary to enter the conservatory of music. Currently, it is no longer mandatory. Many offers that are more suitable for adults exist. It is now possible to take classes on the Internet. This has several advantages. First of all, you can manage your time freely. This is important for an adult who has many responsibilities. We must also mention the privilege of learning according to its rhythm and desires. Learn music onlineis also possible, however, be careful to find the right site, good advice and to advise you by a music teacher who will correct you if necessary. It’s a bit like sport: you can learn on your own but at the risk of mis-learning or doing bad things that could be more damaging than profitable, it is advisable to be supervised by a competent person who can advise you or you correct if necessary.

To conclude, it is clear that you can learn and make music when you are an adult. Before starting, do not believe that it will be done in a weekend with the miracle method (which does not exist, do not look for it!). First and foremost, the right questions must be asked, such as the time to be given to musical learning in one’s schedule. Remember that the contribution of musical learning is not limited to music alone.

Like any new artistic adventure, sports …, it is important, even vital, to set goals for achievement. You should not be too ambitious at the risk of discouraging you, but you should be motivated enough to motivate yourself and progress. For example, if you decide to learn the piano at age 50, it is obvious that 6 months will not be enough to play a Chopin nocturne, a Mozart sonata or a Bach fugue. However, you can really enjoy yourself with some piano notes played well. If we continue the analogy with the sport, you can manage to run a 10 km in 1h30. Certainly, the speed is not the best, but you will have the immense satisfaction of having done it. As an adult, one certainly seeks performance but perhaps in relation to oneself and one’s own pleasure.

Nothing prevents you from setting higher goals as you progress, which is nevertheless related to the time and seriousness you devote to this activity. But above all, keep the pleasure of playing as your primary goal!

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