Minecraft Military Mod For Version 1.6 12. Flans Mod

The Flan mod   is the biggest and most popular modes for weapons, planes, helicopters, robots and cars ! minecraft military mod will allow you to diversify the game and add what you want (in terms of weapons). This change has special add-ons, which will simply add the technique and weapons you want to use in maincraft.

The change is so diverse that what you will be able to do as modern tanks, and tanks during the Second World War. Your choice will be given a variety of fighter jets, military helicopters with built-in weapons and more. Yes, all military equipment   will not remain inactive. She has a direct purpose – to kill and explode.

In addition to a wide variety of military equipment, you can install a mod to a very fast, beautiful and realistic machine. For Star Wars fans and other interesting movies, the developers provide the pack with which the game has the real robots, spaceships. On all these things, we have already done a video review, which you can see below.

Before you can download this cool mod, you should know that Flan’s is the base of all equipment and weapons. What does that mean? By installing this mod, you will also need to install so-called modules. They can choose from our website. If you want a lot of modern Download a pack and you will have everything.

Now you can go to download or see the reviews that our site has prepared. In a short time, we will make the client build the Mod Flans, install a mod, it was much easier for all categories of people.

Fashion Flan Critic


  • Download the modification
  • Install;
  • Move the downloaded file to “.minecraft military mod”.

(Downloads: 546)
(Downloads: 692)The most advanced military technical mod Techguns 1.7.10 transforms the survival process into Mayncraft into an exciting shooter, using weapons, equipment and various things created for war. It changes the generation of the world and creates military bases in various places on the map. They are reliably protected by NPC characters and promise nothing to the player.

Mod increases the number of aggressive creatures and complicates survival to the limit. It is not recommended to start in the desert, cold and hot biomes also carry many dangers. Players can capture bases, use military equipment, combat suits, and unique weapons, but before downloading the Techguns mod on Maynkraft 1.7.10, set the required and recommended dependencies.

main Features

  • Weapons : 3D models, fire animation and recharge, view of the first and third person.
  • Armor : Skins and 3D models of equipment, bonus, character enhancement.
  • New tab for inventory : Techguns is compatible with the mod and adds minecraft military mod slots for the face (gas mask), backpack (jetpack), weapons and food.
  • Damage System : A certain weapon actually acts on some type of armor.
  • NPC : hostile characters can use weapons, military turrets.
  • Technical : machines and laboratories for the creation of new materials, crafts, ore extraction, armor restoration, etc.
  • Installation file : mod allows you to edit many different settings in a config / Techguns.cfg file   (look in the folder with Maincraft).

Capture of military bases

The change automatically creates buildings around the world. This function is disabled in the config / Techguns.cfg parameter file . Look for the line “B: SpawnStructures = true” and change the value to false.

Military bases are guarded by the armed NPC. To stop appearing, you must destroy the flag!

Video review on Techguns mod


  1. Download minecraft military mod Forge. The recommended versions are 1558 or 1614, there is

Military equipment, cars, planes, weapons – all missing in the classic version of Mayncraft. However, Flan’s mod can add all those cool things to the game! With him, you will feel the atmosphere of the Second World War, when small military planes flew in the sky, and tanks and automatic bursts rang in the fields. It remains to download the Mod Flans for minecraft military mod 1.5.2, 1.6.4, 1.7.2 or 1.7.10. Then add the vintages you like and have fun.

Mod Flan mod 1.5.2, 1.6.4, 1.7.2 and 1.7.10 add to Minecraft a whole bunch of weapons, planes, tanks and military vehicles, with which you can quickly navigate the map , and also shoot and destroy enemies.

To make an airplane or tank, you will need a special workbench. After creating such a workbench, you must make all the necessary details, such as the chassis or the wings, and then assemble an airplane or other equipment. To navigate the map, you will need equal space even if the tanks are able to overcome obstacles up to 2 blocks. On the tank you can ride safely in the woods at night and not be afraid.

Another important innovation in Flan Fashion for Minecraft 1.7.10 / 1.7.2 / 1.6.4 / 1.5.2 is the weapon of the Second World War. Among these weapons you will find a PPS automatic machine and the German MP-40, a Luger pistol and many other weapons. If you make an assault rifle and cartridges, you can hunt anyone.

Mod Flance for Mayncraft perfectly complements the game and adds a lot of new and interesting. With him, you will perfectly diversify the gameplay and give you many hours of fun.



  1. Download Flans Mod 1.7.10, 1.7.2, 1.6.4 or 1.5.2.
  2. Install the correct version of Minecraft Forge.
  3. Copy the Flan mod file to the folder.minecraft / mods
  4. Start Maincraft and make sure the mod is on the list.
  5. Close the game, find the file.minecraft / blank and place the necessary packs in it.

Tanks, planes, artillery and weapons of World War II – all the above is added to the game through this fashion. You can sit on the tank and with the help of heavy weapons to destroy even the most dangerous enemy, and on the plane you can cover huge distances in a very short time. With weapons, including some of the most famous automats like PPSh or MP40, you can kill monsters from far away, which will help you take long walks through dangerous nocturnal forests. I liked that? On this page you can download Flans software 1.7.10 mod. We have also posted content packs. Make sure to copy them to the .minecraft / blank folder.

To make a tank or plane, you will need a special workbench, as well as many different parts, such as tracks, a tower, a chassis or wings. You will need a lot of useful resources: iron, gold, diamonds. However, when you do what you want, you feel the real mortal power of a weapon that, for many years, has destroyed millions of people on the battlefield.

On our site you can download Flans Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10. To install it, you will need a Forge. Place the mod file in the / mods / folder and you can run the game safely.

Video mode blanks

Detailed installation

  1. Download Blanks Mod 1.7.10
  2. Install Minecraft Forge 1.7.10
  3. Find the folder of the game. Generally, it can be found at% appdata% / roaming / .minecraft /
  4. Copy the Flan mod file into the mods folder.
  5. Launch the Maincraft and close it.
  6. Open the game folder again and find the Flan folder in it.
  7. Download the 1.7.10 blank packs and copy them to the blank folder.

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