If you have your sites put on a house that costs close to half a million or more, you may want to study about best jumbo loan programs. A jumbo loan (aka mortgage jumbo) is a mortgage loan for an amount that exceeds the lending limit set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). The FHFA sets these limits on an annual basis.

Unlike conventional mortgages, jumbo loans are not eligible to buy, secured, or securitized by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. (For more information, see Jumbo vs. Classic Mortgages: How They Differ.) However, jumbo loans are often securitized by institutions.

If you are trying to land a best jumbo loan programs, you will have to face greatly more strict credit necessities than property holder applying for a conventional loan. Indeed, jumbo loans have more credit threat than those allotted by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. To get approved for a jumbo loan, you will need a stellar credit score and (DTI) Super Low Income Debt Ratio. (For more information, see too much debt for a mortgage loan?) You may also be required to pay a higher down payment.

On the plus side, while jumbo mortgages used to carry greater interest rates than conventional mortgages, this gap has been closing in recent years. Today, the regular annual % rate for a jumbo mortgage loan is on equality with conventional mortgages. In some cases, the APR for jumbo loans is actually lower. How much you can actually borrow with a jumbo depends, of course, on your assets, your credit score and the value of the house you are interested in buying.

At what price does not exceed a conventional mortgage and cross jumbo? Read on to learn more jumbo mortgage terms:

Understanding Jumbo Mortgage Boundaries

The definition of a jumbo loan varies by state and even county. At present, a mortgage of over $ 417,000 is considered a jumbo loan in the vast majority of the continental United States. However, the compliant limit is higher in areas with steep home prices. In the highest of these “high cost areas,” the loan limit is $ 625,500.

There are also 125 US counties with loan restrictions that are greater than 418,000 Dollars, but less than $ 625,500. For example, the compliant limit in Fairfield County, Connecticut, is set at $ 601,450. In Suffolk County, Mass. (The house in Boston), the limit is $ 523,250.

The ceiling for loans are often even higher outside the continental United States In fact, the limits in five counties in Hawaii range between $ 625,500 and $ 721,050. (Hawaii, with Alaska, Guam and the Virgin Islands, is allowed to have higher, conforming limits.)

Limits on the rise?

In 2016, the FHFA increased the loan limit for 39 counties due to an adjustment of the high-cost area or the county being newly assigned to a high-cost area. However, some mortgage experts predict that the FHFA could increase the limits across the board in 2017.

What makes people make such a prediction? During the second quarter of 2016, the price index house (HPI) was extremely close to the level of the index during the third quarter of 2007, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. Once the HPI reaches pre-mortgage mortgage levels, the FHFA can increase the loan-compliant limits. In the second quarter of 2016, FHFA reported that US real estate prices rose 1.2% – an increase of 5.6% over the previous year. Some say this increase represents a complete recovery from the recession of the last decade.

For the buyer, this means that if the limit increases, you could potentially buy a more expensive home with a conventional loan.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking to buy a house with a relatively high price tag ($ 417,000 or more), it is important to look for best jumbo loan programs terms in your county. Depending on where you live, you may need to get a jumbo loan for your dream home. When you begin the process of best jumbo loan programs approval, be prepared to deal with strict credit requirements and a potentially lower payment. There is no limit outside on what you can borrow: It all depends on your assets and credit score, and the value of the house. If the loan is big enough, it can be called a super jumbo.

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