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11 TIPS TO LOSE 2 POUNDS IN A WEEK – How To Lose Weight In A Week At Home

After the holidays, before a big party or just to feel good in his jeans: here is the effective way to lose two extra pounds in a week.Discover the method to how to lose weight in a week at home easily without starvation, without food supplement or suppression of food groups. How? It’s about rebalancing the way you eat and exercise.Yes, losing weight still requires some small sacrifices.Start with a balanced diet to how to lose weight in a week at home

Drink mainly water

An energy drink, a smoothie, a light beer … each of these drinks contains a hundred calories. However, these drinks will not stall you in the same way as a 100-calorie serving of food.

Drink as much water as possible during the day how to lose weight in a week at home The strangest thing about all this is that water helps you eliminate the overflow of water in your body. It’s horny but it’s like that. No more legs that swell …

No to white bread and pasta

Forget about white bread, rice and pasta. They cause bloating , if they are digested ultra quickly, they wreak havoc on your weight and leave you feeling hungry in the afternoon.

Make a mini sacrifice.

This week, say no to cake after dessert or at a snack in front of the television. You will soon realize that the frustration will disappear very quickly. An extra effort quickly rewarded on the scale!

Eat salmon for lunch.

Salmon is packed with nutrients. In particular, it strengthens muscle tone and gives radiance to your skin . Some nutritionists even claim that salmon, no matter how it is cooked, helps to refine the face . Natural contouring in short.

Do you have an anti-bloating herbal tea?

Who said disrupted digestion said difficulty in eliminating and thus how to lose weight in a week at home. The herbal tea is a remedy, not only natural, but also very effective against bloating and constipation. Result? A flat stomach guaranteed.

Do sports to lose weight

Thirty minutes of cardio a dayAny cardio session is good to take. But if you can focus on an activity that works many muscles in your body, it’s even better.The three sports to be privileged during this intensive week: Spinning bike , Kick Boxing or boot-camp training . Half an hour of these different sports burns an average of 200 to 300 calories. Bonus: they are also perfect for toning your arms, your legs …

your workout

The only exception to rule # 1. Just like a coffee mug, a cup before your exercise will allow you to maximize your athletic performance . Dr. Klaus explains to us “you will it because you will be more resistant to the effort! “.

Do a few sets of squats

Bodybuilders use this technique just before a competition. Doing three sets of 12 squats allows you to give more contour and relief to your abs, your legs and your butt temporarily how to how to lose weight in a week at home in a week at home

Well-being reflexes to lose weight

and you’re on the verge of devouring your coworker, play it thinly with tea or flavored tea, which may stop the feeling of hunger. Do not forget your afternoon snack: a fruit for example or a compote, which will satiate your taste buds on the sugar side. There are ways to control his nibbling cravings.


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