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The 10 Keys To Lose Weight Without Diet – How TO Lose Weight In A Week At Home


To lose weight without a diet? It’s possible ! No need to deprive yourself or follow the principles of a frustrating diet, you can just as easily lose weight by adopting some habits every day. Here are 10 foolproof tips to how to lose weight in a week at home without dieting.

How to how to lose weight in a week at home ? What are the best tips for losing weight? And without a diet if possible? You are given 10 tips to slim down without starving yourself, or depriving yourself, but just by changing some habits and becoming aware of your body’s needs.

1. To lose weight without dieting, we eat at the right time

Respecting your biological clock is very important for the general well-being. This simply means choosing the right times for your meals, depending on your activity periods during the day. This is also called chrononutrition . Rest assured, it’s very simple: it all depends on the time of your awakening:

·         in the hour following your waking up: have a rather fat breakfast.

·         within 4 to 6 hours: take a rather dense lunch (with protein).

·         at least 5 hours after lunch: make a snack rather sweet (like a fruit).

·         At the end of your activity day – and only if you are hungry -: have a rather light dinner.

Of course this scheme can be bypassed: for example, in the case of a very “festive” evening and a late awakening: you can make a big brunch between 10h and 14h, then, possibly, a light dinner.

You only have a few pounds to lose before you can enter this dress that you like so much? Yes, but the last few pounds are the hardest. If you are about to reach your goal and if you just have a few pounds left to lose, why are you torturing your body and mind? Know that you can lose 3 pounds very easily, without effort. You just have to want it and adopt the right method how to lose weight in a week at home

Have a good breakfast will allow you to lose 3 kilos quickly

We will never stop repeating it: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Have a good breakfast will allow you not to nibble in the day.

And to lose 3 pounds , we put on a rich breakfast, effective and complete: one or two dairy (preferably 0% fat) accompanied by fruit and a hot drink.

Not only will these foods fill you up for a good part of the day, but they will also keep your insulin at a low level. So start the day off right.

Fill up on protein

In many cases, to slim down quickly , we put our body diets all more restrictive than each other. The problem is that a diet does not make up for all the calorie intake that is needed in a day.

The benefits of high protein foods are that they cut hunger, but are also low in calories. In addition, proteins help strengthen muscles. If your goal is to lose 3 pounds, you have every interest to consume.

However, not all proteins are equal. how to lose weight in a week at home Some are more complete than others. Meat, for example, is one of the most effective protein foods for weight loss, especially chicken and turkey, considered lean meats.

The second protein food that will help you lose 3 pounds is fish. The benefits of fish are that it sates very quickly and is excellent for your health. Eat meat and fish at night so your body digests better.Drinking plenty of water can help you lose 3 pounds without effort

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