How to get rid of wrinkles, spending only 5 minutes a day

Regular workouts keep the skin in good shape not only the body, but the face! And the alternation of different techniques allows you not to get bored during class and not to abandon them. Fitness for the face is called a different massage techniques, strengthening the oval and supporting muscles in good shape. There is Facebook building, which in Europe is equated with non-surgical facelift. The essence of the method is in the alternation of static and dynamic loads on the muscles, which eventually smooth out wrinkles and improve skin turgor.

To sleep well

If you decide to engage in face-building (and there are a million training videos on YouTube), remember that you need to perform the complex at least 5 times a week , devoting 5–10 minutes of your precious time. It is important to learn to relax the muscles between exercises. During the day, it is quite difficult (stress factor is great), so experts recommend performing facial “exercise” before going to bed.

Japanese assai massage

The main rule is to perform all movements along the massage lines extending from the center of the face to the side. And put your hands in fists, putting your thumbs on top.

After 40 years: in order to keep your cheekbones high, move along them in the direction of your ears from the bottom up with the pressing movements of the cams. Slowly repeat three times.

After 50 years: to lift the face and maintain skin elasticity, place the cams on the chin and press them on the same point for about 3 seconds. Elbows should be pointing to the side. Move your hands to the corners of your mouth and repeat the pressure. Complete the exercise in the chin and ear zones.

Moreover you can use vitaminc face serum.

Contour gymnastics

To make cheekbones expressive

Pull the lips forward as if you want to pronounce the long letter “O”. Forefingers press to the top of the cheekbone. Feel the tension of the muscles of the cheeks. Do 20 repetitions and relax.

For tightened neck skin

Sit with your back straight as if holding a crystal vase on your head. Slowly turn your neck to the right and left, trying to see with your eyes what is happening behind your back .Chinese anti-age technique

From bags under the eyes

Place your index and ring fingers under the lower eyelids on the zygomatic bone. Close your eyes and relax. Make your fingers 8−10 pulsing clicks. You should not be unpleasant and even more painful. Against the omission of the upper eyelids

Repeat the first exercise, but use your fingers to massage points over the upper eyelids, placing them on the anterior third of the superciliary arches. Make 8-15 clicks. They should be intense, but not uncomfortable.

From mimic wrinkles

The index and middle fingers in the shape of the letter V are applied to the upper and lower eyelids, and the thumb – to the earlobe. Through the efforts of the eye muscles, try to close your eyelids, and with your fingers, on the contrary, open them. Get rid of the second chin and strengthen the lower part of the face this anti-aging technique is also called massage applications. Repeat it every evening, after applying a cream or a mask with a lifting effect on the skin. Wrap your face with your palms and make 6-8 clicks. Then press your palms to the ears (the thumb should be under the ear lobe and form an angle of 90 degrees) and press 8-10 times.

Dampen a small terry towel in cold saline (dilute 3 tablespoons of sea salt in a liter of water, can be flavored), wring it out well. First warm the skin, moving the towel from side to side, and then do the same 30 pats under the chin.

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