Arduino Steve – An Animatronic How To Build A Bunker In Minecraft




I frequently do the venture is enjoyable to see the hypothesis preparation (pre-printed) It can be finished in not as much as a hour by students. The subject is immediately recognizable to understudies and there is a gigantic potential for them to add their own particular characteristics.

Coins can be obtained for as little as $ 10 on the off chance that you search around and all however the paper pieces are reusable for next time.

I have already distributed this using an alternate advancement board How To Build A Bunker In Minecraft

This is the most affordable Arduino port – for this task the Arduino platform is significantly more suitable – cheaper and easier to build and more strong for kids imaginative wiring.

The video above does not play on some cell phones –  here is the link on youtube .


This is a fun task that is easy to build. The goal of this venture was to propose a robot part-part demonstrate as low as conceivable, which was still extremely amusing to assemble, operate, monitor and create – while being able to build in short of what one hour. This venture is then the consequence of my continuous distillation of my distinctive models of robots How To Build A Bunker In Minecraft
This, obviously, at that point gives the adventurous understudies to create it a chance to up the eyes or energy sword can – be 🙂


In accordance with  utilized as a part of

Stage 1: Supplies

By figure – you will require

1x Arduino board

1x Cutting panel (medium or long)

10x Aprox Press Panel Connector Cables (A Blend Of Male-Male And Male-Female)

1x Lollypop stick (or maybe an inflexible cardboard)

2x servomotors

1x Pritt stick or other weak paste

1x Printed template (see following stages to get this)

5x bits of twofold sided cancellous pads (box of 100 from the local book shop) (*)

An elastic band is helpful (keeps the arduino in position on the board)

1x Joystick Module (much of the time sold from about 0.70c to $ 3) (**)

It is important that you utilize twofold sided adhesive pads – they are able to absorb sudden movement motors without breaking – stick, bluetack, sellotape, tape and so on are not by any stretch of the imagination a suitable alternative.

Tip: Do whatever it takes not to touch the sticky parts during apposition as it may diminish their sticky effectiveness.  so you have to place  perfect place.

A few hotspots for a portion (I’m going to list all the Amazon here – however make a few purchases while keeping new postage On the off chance that you don’t have a Joystick, you can change the venture to complete understudies using the code to move the servos in a recurring pattern.

Step 2: The pleasure of playing with the glue step!


We should create a head, an arm and a sword, a pick or other hand thing.

An ideal template for this can be obtained from this site

Pick your character, or create another one

– Print it in large format on A4 estimate paper or similar using a shading printer

I find the card great – however the ordinary printer/duplicate paper is alright too.

Cut out and assemble the head, arm and any weapon that you want your outline to hold.

Note! Be beyond any doubt not to remove all the white triangular tabs on the head – they are utilized to stick the head into a block shape.

For the weapon – I print two picks or swords – one for the back and one for the front – and between the two prints I place a wooden candy stick to make beyond any doubt its great and tough.

The images above could be utilized too – on the off chance that you paste them into a word processor or art program, you can extend them to attempt diverse sizes.

Alternatively – On the off chance that you incline toward  How To Build A Bunker In Minecraft have released some appropriate XBox Halo Papercraft templates from their

The Halo head and arm I found somewhat harder to assemble than the Novaskin skins bound to above.

In one of the recordings I added there is an Instructables Robot Paper Craft – The papercraft cut is a changed rendition of this model :).

Stage 3: Body, assemble!

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