Buying a Home for the First Time In The United States.

The first condition is that the Bank will approve the purchase and issue a credit to the buyer. (Subject to Finance). The contract specifies the number of days to receive approval of the Bank – ususually 14 days.

The second condition is that the buyer arranges quality check home for termites and structural integrity. Such inspection- Building and Pest Inspection costs about 300-500 dollars. The agreement specifies the period for inspection (7-14 days). To do an inspection, not necessarily, of course. But, probably, desirable.

The idea is that for a specified period, the buyer mt get a loan and spend the on. If the loan is obtained and the results of the inspection satisfactory – agreement comes into force, to become unconditional. (Unconditional). Check The Steps of buying a home.

If the inspection revealed any problems, then the buyer has the right to require the seller to fix these problems at his expense, either obtain a discount from the agreed price, or to refe to complete the transaction.

Sunset Close

Sunset close is a condition of the contract by which the seller is entitled to terminate the agreement, until the Unconditional, if he gets a better offer. For example: Offer to purchase a home is made with the condition that the buyer mt first sell his own hoe for the transaction. The seller understands that it may take a long time, and the agreement includes Sunset Close. After some time, another customer offers to buy a hoe and he already has a confirmed credit. The seller may decide to terminate the previo agreement on the basis of Sunset Close and to sell the hoe to the second buyer.


There are two kinds of Deposit and many people often confe these types. The first Deposit that the Bank requires for the loan. The Bank may require 5% or 10% Deposit of the cost of the hoe. Sometimes the Bank provides loan and Deposit, that is funded 100%, but it depends on the individual situation of each customer.

The second type of Deposit is a Holding Deposit. This Deposit is paid by the buyer when signing the contract. The Deposit serves as confirmation of the serio intentions of the buyer. Once the Deposit is received by the Agency, the hoe is removed from sale. This Deposit can be any number, such as $ 1,000 or less, or more. You need to keep in mind that if the buyer decided not to buy, without good reason, then the Deposit may be retained by the seller. So hurry up with no Deposit necessary. Certainly it is not necessary to make a Deposit to the moment until the contract is signed by the home seller.

We paid the Deposit after 20 days after signing the contract. As it turned out that the agent forgot about the Deposit. And we also do not impose. And then, suddenly, they found that no Deposit and alarmed, began to call urgently, urgent pay. Well, we paid. By the way, we were thinking that you need to pay 10% of purchase amount and paid. Turns out it wasn’t. You and 1000 dollars to do.

Actususually buying a home.

When we bought the hoe many years ago, it was unclear why the purchase takes so much time. From the moment of signing the contract by both parties to the transfer of hoe keys, it may take from one month to several months. usually the minimum period is 30 days. Why so long, then it was not very clear.

Of course, the fulfillment of all conditions takes time. While the Bank will give approval, and they’ve got the bureaucracy to be healthy. While it will be checking builders. In General, no hurry.

After fulfilling all the conditions of the contract comes a Settlement is the exchange of money and documents. It ususually occurs without the participation of seller and buyer, and the lawyers and the Bank.

Lawyers for buying a home

buying a home ususually people find their lawyers. It doesn’t have to be lawyers with many degrees and expensive offices, and it is such a special kind of lawyers that deal with real estate transactions. Such lawyers are called Conveyancing Solicitors, and they take about 500-800 dollars for their services. You can find them ing google. We found when buying a home. In fact we even didn’t meet them. All negotiations were by phone and e-mail.

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