The Top 10 Trends of 2018 Web Design- top Web Design Trends

The end of the year is approaching and 2018 is synonymous with major innovations in the world of web design, which sees its trends evolve at a frantic pace.).

If you have followed our articles regularly, most of them should not surprise you. In any case, they will serve as a guide to make the most of your website for the next twelve months.

N 2018, the design will continue to follow the main design trends already mentioned for 2017. They will be supplemented with new ideas and techniques related to the uses of the web design best practices media. It should not be forgotten that design is one of the most important phases in the development of a website. Indeed, 30% of the time of designing a website is dedicated to the web design part hence its importance!

The web is much more than code, it is especially to offer a rich and beautiful experience to the one who comes to visit a site.

His design area in perfect symmetry is over. While split screen designs were one of the trends in 2017, this visual principle is evolving in 2018.

The SVG format will certainly be the most popular format in the 2018 web design best practices design trends. SVG has no loss of quality compared to other image formats. This will be the best format for graphical elements like icons for example.

A presence on the web is essential for your business, but now it is not enough anymore. To stand out and retain your users, it is imperative that you provide them with the best possible experience, both in terms of use and the actual design. Everyone agrees on this point, in 2018, the user will be at the center of the concerns web designers and this implies new reflexes to adopt especially in terms of experience, navigation, and interaction.

Here without waiting for the top 5 trends to follow to represent you on the web design best practices in the best way possible, both on mobile and desktop.

This year, Pantone chose a very trench color like the: choice introduces one of the main trends of 2018, which will highlight the bright colors. Even if you are obviously not obliged to incorporate this color into your branding to be trendy, keep in mind that the lively totalities will be in the spotlight and that they may be very appreciated by your users.

If you do not feel completely ready to integrate this type of colors, the second big trend in terms of colors should delight you: the gradients

The best web design trends for 2018 in website creation: the title of today’s article may seem daring.

Who are we to decree the trends, you tell me … but the web design is a subject that we like. We decided to start with the entire Orson Design team!

Trends are essentially ephemeral, come and go over the years.

We have listed the best trends in web design best practices 2018 around website and portfolio creation . Here is what we saw in our crystal ball.

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