Flowers For Funeral

At the funeral, we usually bring fresh flowers that are put in the open coffin with the body of the deceased (or on the coffin lid, if it is closed) during parting with it. A brought basket of flowers or a bouquet expresses love and respect for the dead, respect for his memory. In addition, the transitory nature of human life is emphasized, which, like flowers, blooms, blooms and fades.

Before burial, flowers are removed from the coffin and then laid on a fresh grave. Bringing flowers from the cemetery, scattering them on the road and even more so, they cannot be brought into the house.

Rules for the selection and presentation of Flowers For Funerals

Funeral bouquets should not be catchy and bright. The funeral is not a holiday, but a day of grief, so the bouquets should be strict and emphasize the solemnity of the farewell.

At the funeral undesirable bouquets containing more than 2-3 shades, since the diversity does not match the sad atmosphere of the funeral.

When choosing the type of flowers and their colors, it is better to prefer flowers of simple and dark tones, additionally taking into account the sex, age of the deceased, relationship and nature of the relationship with him, and other factors.

At the funeral of a very close person you can bring those flowers that he loved most during his life.

Flowers in a coffin or on a grave are put without a wrapper.

A person who does not have the opportunity or is not going to attend the funeral, can send a basket or a bouquet of flowers and a card with condolences.

What flowers are on the funeral?

At the funeral, you can present the same flowers that are given to living and healthy people, men and women, subject to the rules mentioned above. The most suitable flowers: strict carnations and tulips, hopes for the revival of irises, solemn and proud daffodils, gladioli, dahlias, callas, mystical orchids. Suitable for funeral bouquet and chrysanthemum, personifying sorrow, except in cases where the deceased adhered to the eastern traditions. Violets and lilies show a deep spiritual connection with the dead, or his high morality and purity.

The most versatile and richest option, showing a special honor and respect for the deceased – roses, for the frame of which they buy mourning ribbon or black basket.

You can add to the bouquet twigs of willow, which is considered a symbol of eternal life.

Flowers for a man’s funeral

For men’s bouquets are usually characterized by strict contrasting colors: red, white and black, yellow and blue, orange and purple. An asymmetrical arrangement of colors is possible, especially for an active and determined man. Any flowers of pink shades, as well as having a delicate and delicate fragrance, are definitely not suitable for men.

Flowers for a woman’s funeral

Flowers for a dead woman should reflect her image, character, habits, or be such as she preferred during her life. A young girl or an unmarried woman is usually brought white flowers, emphasizing her beauty, purity and innocence, and various shades of pink are also permissible. For a middle-aged woman, flowers of red, yellow, orange and lilac shades will do. If the deceased had a soft, calm nature, was focused on home and family, then a symmetrical bouquet or pastel-colored flowers would be more suitable; for a brighter and more active woman, a bouquet in more pure and contrasting colors, possibly asymmetrical.

General guidelines for the selection of colors:

Red color symbolizes the suffering that filled the life of the deceased. And also a very close degree of kinship or unfading love.

White color – purity, chastity, grief and solemnity.

Orange flowers for burial are universal, as they are associated with “autumn wilting”.

The number of flowers for the funeral

How many flowers are brought to the funeral? In accordancewith our traditions, if the flowers in a bouquet are 12 or less, then thenumber in the funeral bouquet or basket must be even. Even numbers symbolizeappeasement, peace, completeness, end of life, while odd numbers symbolizeconstant movement, development, life, success. Even in ancient Russia, thedeceased carried two flowers for funerals with the words “one to the deceased, and the other toGod.” On the contrary, it is customary to give an odd number of flowersalive.

At the same time, in most countries of Europe and the USA in all cases they give an even number of flowers. In Israel, an even number of flowers are also given to the living, but they are not brought to the funeral at all. In Georgia, an even number (a couple) of flowers is given to “alive with happiness”, and an odd number is brought to the cemetery, “so that the deceased doesn’t take happiness from the living”.

This discrepancy is explained by the fact that every nation has passed its own historical path of development.

The established rites and traditions, including funeral ones, are not absolute for everyone and are culturally determined. However, if a deceased person adhered to the traditions of this or that nation, they should be respected and observed as much as possible, if only he did not express other wishes before his death regarding his funeral.

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