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  • I didn’t find the section “Electrical plumbing” on the site – I decided to write here.
  • Comrades, master the pressure switch with a soft start circuit based on K1182PM1R.
  • Soft start is good.
  • Do not blink bulbs when starting the pump
  • Pump life increases

Contacts are unloaded and the life and reliability of the pressure switch increases

When starting the pump, the reactive torque leads to a slight rotation of the pump around its axis, which in turn leads to wear of the pipe at the point of contact with the borehole wall and rubbing of the pump power supply wires at the point of contact between the pipe and the borehole walls. Smooth start excludes or reduces such a thing.

It is aesthetic. Nothing pleases the visitor to the boiler room (there is usually a pressure switch) or a caisson well (they usually get there firstly when water from the water supply stops flowing) as a pressure switch, modified by installing a microcircuit, a resistor, three capacitors, and of course a seven-switch.

I decided in the 5-storey Khrushchev to make a shower tray.

I read, chose, according to reviews I chose Viega Advantis, as the best price / quality option. It has water lock and curtains. Repair was delayed in finance for half a year. Trap has already been.

Returning to the case, I read for this ladder and found 2 reasons that made me think again about the correctness of the choice:

1) They often get clogged.

2) Low bandwidth.

Built the bumpers at the grill, and tortured the shower with a regular watering can) the water is gone, but I understood it so far new and clean. It is necessary to get into any smallest foreignness and the water will start to stand, because water trap passes, nets, quite small.

Now I thought about it, go 2 ways:

  • To buy another ladder (waste is not desirable, but if you need it better now)
  • Slightly redoing the drain design. What I will describe below.

About performance … When filling the water seal, the water enters the “curtains” and they open slightly. They open from the pressure. And the pressure through this air trap is weak, respectively, the capacity of the ladder falls. Adding to this blockage hair can fill the room with water))

make there avail starting with trained casa view plumbing

  • Long searched information, read the forums. Nowhere are there answers to questions such as the
  • Height of a hydraulic lock in the ladder so as not to
  • Disrupt, what bandwidth is needed (I do not do a shower shower) –

What company and model should I take….?

I decided to tune Viega a little for myself. In general, the meaning is as follows. I cut out my own water seal and leave the “curtains”. Bandwidth should give high. Drain into the stand of the stash at my height of 9 cm from the plate. Near the podium near the ramp, about 30 cm, and by the corners, I make a 50 mm water trap and hide it in the revision where the sink is. Those. I can use these 9 cm from the plate to form a normal air trap.

As a result, you can get a good pass, not a strong clogging, and if you need to clean the hydraulic lock it will be possible to remove it through the audit and replace it. Here is an approximate idea on the photo. Native curtains will give additional protection from the smell, which will still be on the ladder plate, albeit to a lesser extent…

People who are not in a tank like me, enlighten, does my idea make sense? I really don’t want to raze and shoot down everything

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