PRIVACY WINDOW FILM – Window Film Privacy

Description of the film window privacy window

The glazing privacy movies allow you to enjoy the light while maintaining your privacy . Aesthetic and resistant, these adhesive films have the ability to customize your pieces. Create dedicated spaces by placing a privacy adhesive film on the glass walls of your living room or bathroom, on windows overlooking a busy street, or on a glass cabinet.

We offer several types of glass films available by linear meter, to meet all your needs:

The decorative window tint privacy glass film is available in several models. His asset? It allows you to hide from prying eyes.

You can choose the glass effect frosted glass film, which allows you to blur the entire glass surface.

If you want to soften the vis-à-vis while letting the light through and get a little decorative effect, we suggest the glass films frosted pattern: they alternate transparency and frosted glass effect to create drawings. Ideal in an open space for example.

Finally, if you prefer to completely remove the vis-à-vis, we offer the one-way mirror film, which allows you to see without being seen with its mirror effect visible only from the outside.

All our films are guaranteed for two years and are certified by the standard fire M1.

Movies can adapt to the size of your windows, so you can choose the width and length of them. If you wish, you can also buy the installation kit that contains all the essentials for easy installation of your films.

Selling price given as an indication, excluding options.

Protect your privacy while letting in light. Adhesive decorative window tint privacy y glazing films match all your decorations.

Auto black film to reduce glare, plain or frosted film on glass or partition to preserve its decorative window tint privacy transparent film on glass table to protect it from claws or bursting, the uses of the film glazing are today multiple and very deco! Our adhesive-free adhesive films are available by the meter or the complete roll! The pose is easy and this by all!

Since 1 st January 2017 a new law on tinted windows (Decree 2016-448) requires VLT (Visible Light Transmission) 70% of the front windows of vehicles. The windows and the rear window of the vehicles are not affected by this regulation.

In order to allow drivers to ride protected against heat and / or aggression, GLASTINT has enriched its range of Solar and Safety films with new films compatible with the regulations.

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Located in Corbeil-Essonnes 30 km south of Paris, “Black tint tinted windows” has distinguished itself from other glazing treatment companies thanks to its responsiveness and excellent value for money.

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“Black tint tinted windows” is a company that employs qualified staff with more than 10 years of experience in the installation of tinted windows, which is a guarantee of quality concerning the installation of the solar film automobile and building.

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