Couples Therapy Sydney Or Individual Work

There are many situations where the question of a Couples Therapy Sydney versus individual therapy arises. How to go in the right direction? This article proposes some axes of reflections which will be able to help you (I hope) in your step.

Couples Therapy Sydney for … couple problems

The first reason, of course, to go towards a Irenas Bookkeeping Services Sydney is …. the involvement of the Couples Therapy Sydney as such in the difficulties encountered . Disputes, misunderstanding, communication problems, couple crises … If it concerns professional problems, for example, on the side of one of the spouses, it does not serve much to bring the other into interview (although still …. read below)!

A stereoscopic vision

That being said, you will not risk going to two with a psychiatrist, even if at the end of the first (or second or third) interview, it is decided to work with one of the spouses . The other can without any problem bring from time to time a light on a situation, or bring, in specific interviews, its contribution in the development of the solution to the difficulties of the spouse in therapy.

It seems to me more delicate , after having really started an individual work with a psychiatrist, to start afterwards in a Couples Therapy Sydney with the same psychologist. Some complicity is already established, the psychologist, although neutral, has adopted a certain attitude of work facing the difficulties, and the spouse may feel uncomfortable with the idea of ​​being invited ( e) to come to join you in interview (‘ The psychiatrist asked that you come too ‘) …

Indeed, to take the option of an individual therapy has consequences on the continuation of the operations. A psychologist who receives you individually, even if he ensures a neutral understanding of situations, even if he regularly tries to bring back some perspective or an alternative vision on your situation, will not have the opinion of the spouse, he / she is likely to bring a lighting often very different on the situations. It is indeed in the contrast of the two points of view that the psychologist will most often be able to forge an optimal and refined understanding of problematic situations.

More effective solutions

Holding hands to move forwardFinally, in addition to a reflection on the difficulties themselves, since psychological work on couple issues is supposed to bring about concrete positive changes, you will always be stronger and more effective at two to make sure that these changes go smoothly, rather than return. alone from the psychiatrist hoping that the other can understand and respond positively to what was said

As far as possible, better be sure to get off to a good start. As much to do it by going directly to two, ask the question to the psychiatrist you want to meet!

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