Renting a car is a real challenge for many people. Better rates, all-inclusive insurance, hidden fees, fears about cheap rent a car  a vehicle can quickly turn the operation into an obstacle course. Here are some things to watch out for when renting a car and avoiding mistakes from beginners.

The details to check when renting a car

It is not necessary to know everything about car rental with Rent A Carbecause we accompany you throughout the service and we answer all your questions. Some important details, however, are known or verified. First, before embarking on the rental of a car, it is essential to be at least 21 years old and hold a license for at least 3 years. It is worth noting, however, that the Young Driver option can lower this number by two years. This is an important element that can make you choose other types of vehicles. When you come pick up your vehicle, do not forget your papers at the time of rental. In fact, you will need to present an ID and some rental companies will ask for additional documents such as proof of residence or incom

When renting your vehicle, it should be noted that the third party insurance must be included in the price and the latter must cover the material and bodily injury caused to third parties.

Choose the cheap car rental expertise

Going through the Rent A Car site will allow you to have access to a complete and quality rental offer for all your trips, and this 7 days on 7 and 24 hours on 24. A large number of services are at your disposal in order to make your trip an unforgettable event. Our Rent A Car experts will provide you daily in more than 300 agencies, recent passenger vehicles or utilities adapted to your desires and your needs. Subscribe to our offers is the guarantee of quality monitoring and especially of studied rates. The main features and places of care are available on the site.

The Rent A Car expertise is also unique options, which you will have trouble identifying with our competitors. Rent A Car offers you to add an additional driver if you want to share the steering wheel during your car trips. The option “additional driver” will allow you to better appreciate your trip by resting while you are driving.

Young drivers are not forgotten with Rent A Car. Indeed, with the “Young driver” option, you can reduce by 2 years the number of years of driving license required to rent the chosen category.

Rent A Car has all the qualities of a professional car rental company and support in the choice and execution of services, with more than 20 years of experience and the satisfaction of our customers certified by AFNOR.


Renting a car at the best price is finally quite simple when you know all the workings of the rental. To help you know all about car rental , we suggest you to discover our tips to rent a car cheaper and maximize your rental.

Rent A Car advice for a cheap car rental

We advise you first t hunt for good deals. We regularly offer them on our website, in the “Good plans” section. At certain periods, you can benefit from very attractive reductions on “one-way” journeys, which can go up to 80%. And if driving with a car “stickée” does not scare you, you can benefit from a preferential rate with our offer FreeLoc +.

Loyalty programs are also very interesting to have nice discounts. It’s a way for you to travel light-minded with Rent A Car. A simple phone call and your assistance picks you up. Finally, the option “additional driver” will be offered in the majority of cases for a much simpler and convenient trip if you drive in pairs, for example.

To book even cheaper

First of all, be aware that a good rental is not just a price. The best hirers of the market are professional hirers who will offer you a support and a quality service for your rentals. Many low-cost renters offer very competitive rates but the call price often has nothing to do with the final bill if you want a full service.

 Getting there early is also a very important criterion to pay for your cheaper rental. Indeed, in the area of ​​rental, do not book at the last moment. The first reason is of course the price. But you should also know that smaller models, cheaper, are often already rented when you do not anticipate enough your reservation.

The options and insurance are very interesting levers allowing you to book even cheaper. Renting a vehicle mostly includes options. The lessors rent most often the “gross” vehicle without any cover, without franchise, without option, without insurance or additional driver. These options represent on average 20% of the rental price. A risky way to bring down the price.

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