Tops Coffee Mugs Buying Guide Senseo AK0034

Transparent coffee mug, the Senseo AK0034 differs from the other models of mugs market by its square design. For those who want to get a little out of the standard round Branded Coffee Cups  this one is an interesting alternative to buy. With a height of 7.5 cm and a maximum volume of 180ml, this coffee cup will hold a large amount of drink.

Moreover, thanks to its transparency, you will be able to enjoy your unlimited coffee moment. Recommended for tea, coffee but especially presentable for espresso, this square glass coffee cup will make you want to enjoy your drink with confidence.

Made from opal glass, this product proves to be strong (does not break at the slightest shock) and easily goes to the dishwasher. The set comes with four Branded Coffee Cups at a cheap price . If you already have the Philips Senseo coffee machine or are thinking of buying one, these Branded Coffee Cups  are suitable for this machine and will complete your collection.

Crystal Aspect Promobo

The Promobo coffee mugs remain in the traditional style presentation with half-round punch cups. The model below is delivered with six Branded Coffee Cups and six saucers, which will allow you to share the instant coffee with several people at the same time. This will be a great help at tea time with the family or when you have to receive several guests at the same time.

Made from clear glass, these Branded Coffee Cups crystal-clear transparency and are suitable for adding an alluring touch to your drinks. For use at home, in the office or for guests, its simple design will appeal naturally to lovers of simplicity.

The glass in this Promobo coffee mug is very resistant to heat. This means they will be ideal if you like or are looking for coffee containers that will keep your drinks hanging for several minutes in a row.

Coffee glasses / Tea Design Senseo

Coffee Glasses / Tea Design Senseo is a set of cups whose design is elegant to give you joy whenever you want to have a coffee. This model is made of frosted glass in part. It is to this characteristic that this product owes its elegance especially when you put coffee or tea. It consists of 3 cups and another that you are offered.You can spend a moment of relaxation and fun with your friends or family members by drinking coffee together using similar cups, refined and full of ‘aesthetic. Each cup measures 8 cm in height and 7 cm in diameter to make it comfortable and pleasant to handle. Their capacity is equal to 180 ml for each one so that you are more than satisfied after having drunk the contents of one of them.

The brand Senseo is no longer an unknown to the public. It is indeed considered to be one of the best coffee cup brands of the moment. With her Senseo Coffee / Tea Glasses, she has remained faithful to the factors that made her reputation, namely the quality and design of her products.

For the

4 cups  : So there will be no jealous in the house. Everyone will have his pretty cup without having to look at that of the neighbor.

Capacity  : With its maximum capacity of 180 ml, you can put a sufficient amount of drink to prolong the pleasure, without having to serve you frequently. The recommended amount to avoid overfilling is 150 ml.

Design  : Its sleek, clean lines have had many positive feedbacks from the public. When they are not used, they will be able to contribute to the decoration of your living room or your kitchen.


A little expensive  : It will be easy for you to find cheaper Branded Coffee Cups However, you probably will not be entitled to the same quality offered by these Senseo brand models.

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