Assessment Of The Property Status

Valuation of an enterprise’s property is a procedure for determining market value, creating a classification of existing assets, prospects for use and identifying the most efficient operation of an object — the result of which depends directly on the goal. Comprehensive assessment of the enterprise is required for the effective management of the enterprise, in which it acts as one of the stages of management activity and represents an important source of information for making and substantiating effective management decisions.

Assessment of the existing enterprise   is an assessment of the production-economic and property complex used for business activities. In carrying out this assessment, the company is considered as a whole, which includes all types of property, rights to this property, management, intangible assets, liabilities, etc.

Valuation of the property of the company may be required when creating the authorized capital or division of the property, its revaluation, as well as confirmation of the market value. Valuation of an enterprise’s property helps in solving such problems as ensuring the stability of current activities, optimizing asset management policies, and increasing investment attractiveness. As a result, with proper use of the information contained in the report on the evaluation of the property complex, it can lead to an increase in the company’s competitiveness and profit.

Assessment of the property status of an enterprise is the process of determining the value of an enterprise’s property, its structure, and sources of formation. Evaluation is necessary both for the enterprise itself and for external consumers of information such as suppliers, ministries, banks, etc. Using the information from the evaluation report of the property complex, it is possible to assess the financial risk when entering into contracts and transactions.

The valuation of the property of an enterprise is necessary in the sale of objects; when insuring objects; with equity participation in the construction of the facility; when determining the amount of contribution to the authorized capital of a legal entity, when applying to the bank for a loan secured by real estate (mortgage), etc.

The assessment of the property of an enterprise can be made in relation to a significant range of property, ranging from items (consumables) to the enterprise itself, as a property complex. Our employees, expert appraisers will perform all the necessary actions to determine the market value of the property complex, prepare an evaluation report. The report is an official document and it is with its help that you can always prove the correctness of your actions to government agencies, partners, co-founders and shareholders Assessment of the property complex.

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The valuation of the property complex is the valuation of the tangible assets of the enterprise and its liabilities, including land plots, production equipment, buildings and structures, communications and vehicles. In assessing the property complex, the effect of synergy is taken into account, the essence of which is that the value of the property of an enterprise is higher if it interacts with each other, rather than the total value of each individual object.

An enterprise is a property complex that is used for business activities. The enterprise, as a property complex, includes all types of property that are intended for its activities: real estate, land, equipment, raw materials and materials, intangible assets, finished goods, etc.

Evaluation of an enterprise as a property complex means the definition in monetary terms of the value of an enterprise’s tangible assets as a combination of the values ​​of fixed assets and their interrelationships at the valuation date.

The valuation of the property complex is considered the most multifaceted and full-fledged type of valuation work in the field of business valuation and enterprise valuation. Estimation of the value of the property complex allows to calculate the value of the complex of property rights of a legal entity for objects that are on the balance sheet of the evaluated enterprise (business, company). In the process of an independent examination of the property complex can be considered as a set of objects that are owned by the company, or as an object of the rights of a legal entity. Assessment of the integral property complex- a complex, multidimensional, widely specialized process, in which, as a rule, appraisers from different areas are involved. Integral property complexes are enterprises and their structural subdivisions such as, a workshop, production, a site, etc., which can be separated in the established order into independent objects with the subsequent drawing up of an appropriate balance sheet and can be registered as independent business entities.

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