8 Reasons To Travel Alone

Only you and the whole world:

When it comes to traveling to another city or country, the last thing that comes to mind is a journey in solitude. Relaxing with someone seems much more fun and interesting, even if it’s just friends or fellow travelers. However, solo travel has its advantages.

 1. You do not need to make compromises:

Traveling alone, you do not need to be torn between your desires and the wishes of fellow travelers. Go through the best shows? Sit all night in the pub? Choose what you like and do it! Wake up and go for a walk, when you want, go only to those places that you are interested in, not adapting to other people.

 2. You do not need to wait for anyone:

Each person has his own pace of life: one can get up in the morning and put himself in order in 10 minutes, while the other will need a couple of hours. Someone likes to come to the airport in advance, and someone is a pity to waste time when you could have time to visit a couple of museums. Traveling alone with yourself, you do not have to wait for companions or be nervous and in a hurry. You can exist in your own rhythm.

 3. You can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of what is happening:

When you travel in a company, you do not see half of everything interesting, because part of your attention is engrossed in conversation. Alone, you completely dissolve in a new place, hear and see everything. Because of this, much brighter memories of the places you visited remain.

 4. You can sort out your thoughts:

Sometimes you get so tired from constant fuss that you just need to be alone, sort out yourself. A week of meditation, focusing on the environment, unfamiliar terrain and beautiful views will help refresh perception and “restart” the brain.

 5. It is going to be easier to meet people that are new:

Staying at a hotel or maybe hostel, relaxing in a cafe using a cup of tea or even jogging in the park, you’ll be surrounded by a lot of individuals. And since you travel on your own, you are going to be far more open to them. Particularly for all those that themselves went on impartial journeys much more than one time.

 6. Traveling alone will allow you to live spontaneously:

The bus schedule changed, the flight was canceled, the hotel reservation was gone – and your plan is no longer so strict. The most vivid impressions remain with the traveler at the moments when something goes wrong. Therefore, do not worry – perhaps upon return you will thank the fate for that canceled flight and the missing reservation.

 7. You will become bolder and more independent:

Traveling in the company, you can always count on a friend. Traveling alone, only you are responsible for everything. You will learn how to plan and take responsibility for the consequences of your actions: you book a hotel on the wrong date or get lost, you will be guilty of this. And you have to look for a solution yourself.

 8. You will know what you are capable of:


During solo travel, you will manifest such qualities that you did not even suspect. You will gain invaluable experience, meet new people and believe in yourself. And when go to these guys and plan with their strategy you come back and realize what a great journey you have done, you will never be the same.

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