7 Tips to Effective Facebook

Facebook is an interesting social network; in Russia it is mainly used by professionals. We tell how to effectively manage the page in this social network.

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Facebook is a very big and complicated thing. The social network has a lot of unobvious promotion techniques that only old-haired old men and secret SMM agents know about. We have gathered six good moves that you can use right now.

  • Post your video on Facebook

Facebook users love videos, twice as much as photos. You also noticed how the number of clips increased recently?

Be sure to upload a video to Facebook, and do not attach a link to YouTube – these videos work better. Add the best video to your Favorites.

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  • 2. Put the Call-To-Action buttons

Since 2014, the buttons have been placed on Facebook with action.

There are seven types:

  1. Book now
  2. Contact Us
  3. Use App
  4. Play game
  5. Shop now
  6. Sign up
  7. Watch video

Write on the button your text is impossible. On the right side of the page there will be a block with the number of clicks per week.

Each specific post can also have an action button, but only with an advertising post. Not the “Boosted post”, but the CPC ad.

  • 3. Install a conversion counter

Facebook has its own conversion counter – yes, it’s like Google Analytics, but it’s easy to set up and shows you the conversions and the cost of one conversion from Facebook right in the Facebook itself. A marketer’s dream!

Now, when you even just pay the post, you can choose a conversion counter. And then buy instant Facebook page likes will show how many people went to your site, bought something there or did something useful after seeing this post.

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  • 4. Use Dark Posts

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Facebook allows you to create posts that are not displayed in the main feed. They can show the selected audience. So, you can create three versions of the same post, and find out which is more effective.

Here is a good guide on how to use Dark Posts.

  • 5. Promote all important posts by at least one dollar.

Facebook by default shows your post only 3-5% of your audience. This is the Facebook position. Want coverage – pay. But there is a tricky hack. If even a very small amount is paid for the last, its organic coverage will also increase, the limit of 5% decreases.

  • 6. Determine the optimal number of publications.

Dennis Yu wrote a good note about how the number of posts affects the attitude of the audience.

He writes that if your content is interesting, then readers will not unsubscribe or click “Do not show it to me” (on Facebook this is called a negative action). Some page’s post 30-40 pieces of information a day, and everyone is happy.

Quite the contrary – if there are more than four posts per day, then the number of negative actions per post decreases. Do not forget to also look at the analyst Amplifier – we will show the best posts and show the best time for publication.

7.Use sinyagrams

Buy instant Facebook page likes is actively experimenting with animated pictures in which only a small element of the image moves. They are called blue-diagrams.

In addition, knobby log in quite well on buy instant Facebook page likes. They are not so demanding on the network as a video, and do not have time to get bored in ten seconds.

And on Facebook earned gifs. It is possible to publish gifs and kouras through the Amplifier. Gecko need to attach like any other file with a picture, and Kouf is inserted on the link – leave in post a link to the Kouf, it will unfold.

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