When you travel a lot, it is essential to carry with you a certain number of things without which you feel a little helpless. I have listed for you today the 10 things you need to go on a well-equipped trip!

A Kindle

I do not know you but Luxury travel review I tend to devour books, be it by a beautiful pool, the evening in my bed or just to rest after a busy day visits. And as I read several books in parallel, not easy to get them all in my suitcase. My solution? A Kindle that has become my best friend in recent years.

Not convinced at first (“we lose the charm of books” blah blah), I quickly adopted when I realized its practicality! I chose a backlit model (very useful for reading in the dark) and 3G which means that I can download a book anywhere (this often happens to me just before taking off when I realize that I’m coming to finish my previous book !!).

A Bose helmet

If you are sensitive to noise, I advise you to buy a Bose noise reduction headphone. Beyond its very good sound quality, it is its ability to reduce the surrounding noise that is very interesting, especially in airports, planes, … I opted for headphones (model Quiet Comfort 20) which are smaller and practical to carry a helmet (model Quiet Comfort 25).

A night mask

Remember to bring with you a night mask if you are sensitive to the light of day because while traveling, I noticed that there are many countries where the housing is not equipped with shutters. So if you do not want to be woken up at 6am, this is the ideal investment. Be careful to choose a good model because some are very uncomfortable.


A good soundproofing is not the first quality of many hotels. Noise of vacuum cleaner, housekeepers who speak, neighbors who slam their door, difficult to sleep beyond 7am in some establishments (even in the chicest). For that, opt for earplugs! I adopted this model 5 year ago now and it is the best on the market: as it is foam, it is very comfortable, nothing to do with those in wax!

Universal adapter

Opt for a universal model whatever the country of destination, as you have a single adapter for all your travels.

Milfoil adapter

An inflatable travel pillow

There are many models on the market, after that it’s a matter of taste. For my part, I invested in an inflatable model because very convenient to carry and it takes up very little space.

Comfortable shoes

If like me you walk a lot during your travels, it is wise to wear comfortable shoes. The ideal: a nice pair of sneakers, which combines comfort and style. Remember to take a waterproof model because in countries where the weather is very changeable (I think of my last stay in Ireland for example), difficult to predict the weather for the day, better play safe and have your feet dry!


Essential accessory of my travels, even in hot destinations! I use it especially in the plane where it can be very fresh, it can also serve as a cushion and on the spot, in some countries where you have to cover your arms for example (temple visit, …), it is my precious ally!

A paper guide

I never leave without a paper guide of the destination, even when it is a long weekend, it is very convenient to have the plans, good addresses and visits to do, all in one go. eye!

A camera

Last year, I bought an Olympus OM-D E-M10, a hybrid device that is simple enough to use and compact enough to travel. I place it easily in my purse without it weighs a ton, so in my eyes is an ideal device to make beautiful pictures without the equipment too bulky.

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