Excursion to the Sights of the Cleveland Culture. What to Visit in Cleveland- Museums, Temples, Palaces.

Cleveland will please excursion lovers with an abundance of interesting objects to visit. The city houses the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum, dedicated to the famous rock and roll stars, it is one of the largest museums in this field in the world. Cleveland is considered the birthplace of rock, it was here that the world’s first radio station was created, which broadcast music exclusively in this direction. Today, the museum contains a rich and diverse collection of exhibits, one way or another connected with the history of rock and roll.

Here you can see old vinyl records, the first audio tapes with albums of legendary rock bands, as well as a collection of musical instruments that famous rock stars used to play on.

Fans are confused What to Visit in Cleveland? after travelling, fans of art will enjoy the Cleveland Museum of Art Museum of Art, which has also become world famous for its unique collection of exhibits.

Today, its walls contain more than 45,000 pieces of art, some of which are over a thousand years old. Ancient sculptures and tapestries, paintings from various periods and collections of graphics – for the convenience of visitors, a huge collection is divided into several thematic areas. There are halls dedicated to the art of ancient Egypt, as well as halls with collections from Asian states. Since the opening of the unique museum does not charge visitors, every year more than 600,000 people come to admire its exhibits.

The Great Lakes Science Center Museum will be a great place for a family visit, in fact it is a multifunctional research center. Its expositions are devoted to the most diverse areas of modern science and technology, most of the exhibits presented in the museum are interactive.

Visitors can take them in hand, include specially created technical installations and track the principle of their operation. This museum can be visited even with children of preschool age, for them there are special educational tours. The most unusual “exhibit” of the museum is an old cargo ship, William G. Mather, moored at the pier. Once it was one of the main types of river transport in the Great Lakes system.

A very interesting place for excursions and walks will be Little Italy. There is a beautiful historical building, including the old church, whose construction was completed in 1905. In many historic buildings that were built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, today there are attractive restaurants and shops. In the area of ​​Little Italy there are also several picturesque parks, which will be interesting to walk at any time of the year.

The heart of Cleveland is considered the picturesque area of ​​Public Square – the venue for the most significant and beautiful holidays. Interesting architectural sights are located around this square, here are the three highest skyscrapers in the city.

Next to the beautiful modern skyscrapers are the surviving historic buildings, on the square there is a beautiful old Church Old Stone Church. It was built more than a hundred years ago and since the completion of construction has been practically unchanged.

Not far from the central city square there is the picturesque historic quarter of the Civic Center, a walk through which can also turn into an exciting excursion.

 This quarter houses the old City Hall City Hall, as well as other stately buildings that are a typical example of national architecture. Today, the main attractive feature of the Civic Center quarter are its picturesque parks, on the territory of which there are many symbolic monuments and memorials.

One of the most unusual cultural centers in Cleveland is the Steamship William G. Mather Maritime Museum, located in the harbor area. The location of the maritime museum was the old submarine, which participated in the battles of the Second World War.

 Now it is moored in the harbor of Cleveland and converted into a museum, everybody can visit the submarine and evaluate its structure. The museum contains an interesting collection of old ship equipment, as well as exhibits related to wartime.

Fans of theatrical art will be interested in a stroll through the Playhouse Square district, which is located in Downtown. In recent years, many modern theaters have opened in it, in which young novice artists give performances. It also houses one of the largest theater complexes in the United States – the Playhouse Square Center.

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